STYLE| Light Layering

posted on: Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I spent most of last week and the week before tunneling through our closets and packing unwanted shoes and clothes in bags to donate. One by one Peter hauled each bag out to the car for donation, and I felt inspired to bring fall and winter in with a bang. And without fail, NYC decided that right around the time the People's Climate March would take place, it would remind us why everyone was marching in the first place. It worked, well played weather.

Despite my eagerness to throw on a chunky sweater, I've pressed the pause button, and I'm layering lightly for this mid 70s to low 80s weather. My outfit may seem as confused as the weather, but it was terribly comfortable on what was a rather warm day.

Dress- Hatch (similar)| Men's Shirt- H&M| Boots- Yosi Samra | Earrings & Ring-Vintage

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Stinky Situations| #NYTOUGH a Giveaway!

posted on: Friday, September 26, 2014

There's much to be said about living in New York City, and through a perfectly edited lens on instagram or various pictures on Pinterest, life here can seem like a concrete dream. Yes, there are parts of it that often seem absolutely magical, a lot of parts even. Being born and mostly raised here has instilled that dreamy wonderment deep in my soul for a lifetime. But living here can and will be stinky at times. Besides the crazy piles of trash you'll find on a sidewalk on any given day, there's the steamy train in the summer, the dressing room at your favorite hip vintage store, and the ungodly elevators one must take with a stroller. It's not completely crazy, it's just New York.

The same resilience one must have to live and love the busy city outside their apartment, is the same resilience one would need to live and love the small space they lay their heads at night. I know this first hand. Our place, despite almost always being tidy or clean, can get pretty stinky. I remember when we first saw our apartment, I was pretty tiffed off at the lack of a dishwasher that was well advertised in the listing. But I was more annoyed by the smell of beef radiating through the hallways from the floor above. Thankfully, the smells of beef are few and far between these days. That doesn't mean that smells don't often creep up though.

I can see the fridge from my bed, what a treat. ;)

Every room in our place doubles up. The living room turns into my gym, the bedroom turns into a diaper changing station a few times a day, and our couch has seen more naked toddler time than I can count (why do toddlers despise underwear?) and all of this makes our apartment quite stinky more times than I'd like to admit. In my dreams, I'd like to live in the city, have a furnished basement, Oak would have his own nursery, we would have a couch that River could lay naked on all day long in her own room, and the endless poopy diapers could just pile up without smelling up the joint, and subsequently just disappear! Dreaming is fun right?

While I'm here dreaming and living in a small place, I'm using Febreeze to help with the stinky parts of daily life. Febreeze has been a staple in my life since I first moved out on my own, and kept piles of clothes on my bedroom floor like a real boss. ;) I didn't have time to actually hang my clothes or even wash them often(ew, but true), I Febreezed and went along my merry way. I've gotten much much better about the laundry thing (I promise), but I still use Febreeze to wash away the stenches of daily life with one stinky baby, a naked toddler, an adorable and sometimes funky husband, and a sweaty and gross me. It's the only thing tough enough to deal with our crazy life in the city and with the crazy smells that come along with living in it.

I've teamed up with Procter & Gamble today, for a fun campaign called #NYTough. The other night we attended a comedy show with Marlon Wayans, Sherri Shepherd, Michael Che, and Michelle Buteau in celebration of this hilarious and true campaign. I laughed so hard and loud my stomach felt like I did 50 crunches the morning after. It was such a good time! The P & G team and I thought it would be fun to host a little giveaway with a variety pack of P & G products! One lucky winner will receive one P & G product variety pack valued at $57, that will include; Crest Toothpaste, Secret Deodorant, Febreeze Heavy Duty, and Tide pods to name a few! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below saying which Procter & Gamble product you like the most. Bounty paper towels comes in at close second for us, toddler spills.

Good luck and have a great weekend!

Footnote: This giveaway is open to U.S entrants only. Giveaway ends October 3rd. 

This post was in partnership with Procter & Gamble for their #NYTough campaign. Thank you so much for supporting my partners who I believe in! 

River's Room Tour| Updated

posted on: Wednesday, September 24, 2014

It's crazy to think that over a month has passed since I shared River's room on here. Time just keeps moving along and days... months, just get swept in. It's been a great month for us. A month where I've spent little time redecorating, and a lot of time working on me and physically working. I like having things to do, and things to dream of doing, and I love working on personal flaws and battles too. Nothing too huge, but things definitely worth working on, it's always good to try. I digressed, onto River's updated room. Recently we decided that her room needed a few changes, nothing too major, just some touch-ups, if you will. Who knew that having a three year old roll, play, color, sleep, and whatever else three year olds do, can wear a room down faster than you can say update! I'm learning more and more, it all comes with the parent package. 

Despite the fact that this is maybe our second or so update in her room since living here, I'm happy to share yet another one.;)

As I share these photos, a small part of me gets a tad bit sad. Oak has been sleeping through the night, which makes me totally happy, but it's brought up a topic that we didn't expect to talk about so soon. I  will always be the kind of parent that believes in using child given windows of oppurtunity. If your child gives you an obvious window to do something, take it. Just like potty training with River, she gave it to me, I took it, the transition was incredibly easy. And now I find myself in a similar spot with baby Oak. I didn't expect him to sleep so well so soon. I knew that we would get him on a routine pretty early, I just didn't think we would be lucky enough for him to take to it well. He is! And with that change, I think it's time to give the kids a shared room. We've talked with River about this and she's pretty excited. Once again, I'm left feeling the ridiculous sappy mama feelings for her. Gone are the days of a single room for our big little girl. 

The space is small, and soon enough I'll be in the exciting/crazy part of trying to plan out their shared room. It will definently be much of the same, but trying to decide whether to get a kid loft bed or make the crib and current bed work will be the biggest challenge. I'm up for it. We're all excited for it.  

Do you have any suggestion on how to make a bedroom for two fit in a very small space? I would love to read some! And if you're looking to see more of an updated view on the entire apartment, I shared some bits on Design Mom the other day.

Style| Denim Combinations

posted on: Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A perfect fall day in the city consists of my favorite jeans and my favorite denim jacket. Both of which feel fantastic with my new favorite clogs. This look is a total momiform comfort look, and it's pretty much me as of right now.

If you're still yearning for some height while you're on mama duty, I can't recommend a clog enough. It's brilliantly well made and ridiculously comfortable, all the while making you feel like you're living out your pr-mama glory days.

Jeans- Urban| Clogs- c/o Swedish Hasbeens| Denim Jacket- Vintage| T-Shirt- Members Only