Earth Mama Angel Baby| Pregnancy Essential Bundle Giveaway

posted on: Thursday, August 28, 2014

Today I have an awesome giveaway for you guys! If you've been reading this blog for a while, then you know I don't often host giveaways. The criteria for me to do so is pretty strict, as I don't want you guys to take part in something or buy into something I don't absolutely love myself. Earth Mama Angel Baby is a company that I absolutely believe in and love. I am without a doubt a person that lets her sense of smell guide her. It's been the center of a few random nights where I've spent too much time trying to track down an in-particular faint stench that was bothering me, a smell that was never confirmed by Peter. The house has to be pretty clean and tidy most of the time, but the tidiness doesn't really count if our home isn't smelling amazing in addition, it all goes hand in hand to me. So with the Earth Mama Angel Baby products, I find that I am equally as in love with how amazing the product is working, and how absolutley delicious is smells too.

During my pregnancy I had serious morning sickness. It lasted for way too long, months... months! The only thing that helped were dry foods and lots of ginger capsules. Eventually even ginger grossed me out. The head to toe wash, that has a delightful ginger smell was the best thing for my stomach every morning,  along with the morning mist (I still use the morning mist every morning. It helps wake me up a bit after a work out and shower). I also used the stretch oil religiously, and it worked so well. If any of these products are new to you, I highly suggest taking a look around their site.

Today I have an awesome giveaway for you mamas to be from Earth Mama Angel Baby! One lucky reader will win the entire Mama Pregnancy Essentials Bundle!! I can't recommend each of these products enough. Also, the most important fact about all of these products is that they all are USDA Certified Organic, you can seriously read and understand every ingredient!

Here's how you can enter:
Go over to Earth Mama's site and check out everything in the bundle
Come back over here and comment below with which product out of the bundle you like the most
One winner will be picked at random September 5th!

Good luck!

HOME| Instagram Picture Heart Display

posted on: Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A few weeks ago, sweet Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess asked me to contribute a DIY to their blog, and of course I was super excited about it! I absolutely love the way this Instagram picture heart display came out, and I hope you will too. You can head on over to their blog to read the full tutorial-here.

I hope you're having a great week!

A Silly Story About A Bed

posted on: Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Between the craziness of the city, and our lives, there is this place we call home. A small apartment, where the chill from the floor hits you right in-between your big toe and your second toe no matter what the season. (It's a thing to look forward to during the summer for sure.) With stark white walls and splashes of yellow here and there- maybe too much for some and just perfect for us, there's this room. The calm room without a doubt, and in that room, there's our bed; a home within our home. Our bed, with all of its full size glory, it has been a constant. It often reminds me of a deeply rooted tree, sometimes swaying with grace, right along with us as each life phase passes us on by.

Sunday, when I thought about our bed, and if it could talk and all the secrets and stories it would tell, my heart kind of swelled a little. It's heard some of our deepest secrets, it's been the cloth for unexpected tears and heartache, and the place where we've grown and loved. It's the bed I very nervously brought River home to. The bed Peter and I shared so many cuddles, and ridiculous bickering as well. When it was just the three of us, and when we became four, it was the place we fell in love with one another again and again. It was my sturdy crutch as I laid bent over moaning with the aches of labor, desperately tired, yet stronger than I ever knew I could be. That same bed that holds our late Sunday naps; where I lay exposed, vulnerable, joyful, nursing my baby and listening to my husband and daughter giggle from the front room.

It's silly because it's just a bed after all, but it's ours, and does so much with so little. Creating a safety net for my babies and I day after day. To think of it, it's the same bed I put together with my friend years ago-before all the babies and marriage to Peter. Right around the corner from our home now. I had put it together with my friend, we were barely out of our teens, and she had so graciously offered to help me move into my second apartment. It was the first thing that went up, and I didn't unpack much after. A few months later, Peter and I took the bed apart as River was growing in my belly. I'm sure it's time we retire it, purchase a bigger bed for our bigger family, but something about that bed, what started it all and how it stuck through all of these milestones, we've got a deep love going on.

So there it sits, another Sunday hosting naps, cuddles... and even more naps. Located right in the back room, a few feet away from where I first brought it home as a young adult, with no idea of how far it and our lives would come.

Curated| Brimful Shop

posted on: Thursday, August 21, 2014

I've had a hard time lately deciding if and when I should bring small toys in our home for Oak. He's still so young, but the little things like a rattle, a high contrast book, or simple play gym are of importance for the first few months... if you ask anybody. ;) We live in a relatively small space, and toys that accommodate our shared room situation, and also our aesthetic (because realistically, any and all toys will be thrown about once used). So, when it comes to things of that nature, we think small, cute, wood (seriously wood is so good for your kiddos, plus it's absolutely nice to look at), and of true function for each stage of life. Brimful is one of few shops that I feel I can look to for things of that nature. Everything in their shop is absolutely adorable, affordable, and functional.  I have my eye on a few things for Oak for the near future, and maybe there is a tiny woven basket waiting to be filled with some of this adorableness, this is all speculation of course.

My favorite piece we have from the lovely ladies of Brimful in our home is Oak's pacifier clip. I'm just thinking of the days of drool in the near-ish future, and how it will just roll down the pacifier on to the floor, and I won't have to deal with all the ick.  Coming in at a close second is this rattle. It has to be River's favorite as well. During our morning floor sessions, there has been many tushy shakes and "lets gooo fly a kite!" with a very Mary Poppins esque voice by our big girl for her little brother, with that rattle in hand.

Here are a my curated favorites. 
One-This book| Two- this clip ( we have and we love)| Three- this print| Four- this camera| Five-  this pull toy 

This post was in partnership with Brimful, a small business with two awesome mamas/owners who's vision I truly believe in.