STYLE: Festive things

posted on: Thursday, October 30, 2014

I went thrifting with my friend Carter, her belly of a baby, her little girl, and Oak the other day, and left out with the most fabulous sweaters. Carter was going through the racks and pulled this one out a few minutes into our excursion and said;"This one. This one is so you"  and it was. I love that some days, maybe even weeks, I'll stick to neutrals and basics that I actually do like wearing. But what I love more than ever is that my heart will always belong to color. The big, bright, look at me, I'm probably obnoxious, kind of colorful things. I'm drawn to those types of things, to a fault even. 

I left the thrift store with a few sweaters that day, and I think this one is my favorite. Thanks Carter!

Sweater- Thrifted| Flats- Yosi Samra| Turtleneck- Target| Earrings- Vintage| 

Morning Hair Traditions| Hello Shiso

posted on: Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Our school mornings, are always a bit rushed, sleepy, and a bit of a loving blur with two little ones. Even when I consider those factors, school mornings are one of my absolute favorite times with River. I remember how special they felt to me as a kid. My mom would be up way before all of us to prepare for work, and when I wasn't getting ready, I would sit on the toilet and watch her apply her makeup. I loved the way her perfume smelled, the way she mumbled a bit while applying her lip liner, and the way she pulled up her eye to apply her eyeliner. It was all so fascinating to me. River and I have created our own little morning bathroom ritual, that I can only hope she remembers fondly when she's older.

Our bathroom mornings are similar, but a bit different. I'm usually in a fluffy robe, messy hair, not yet preparing for work, but the love is still the same. River sits on the toilet, and I ask her what kind of style she would like for the day. In our best salon voices we have a mini conversation, and I grab my "tools" and get working on her hair. I've perfected a few easy school day styles that River likes just as much as I do, making our bathroom time sweet and short.

When Hello Shiso contacted me about possibly partnering up for a post, I immediately said yes. With a three year old girl, a tight schedule, and our little morning tradition, hair, as silly as it might be, is quite important to us. This tradition is near and dear to my heart, and having adorable and functional clips is a must.

Here are a few of our go-to morning styles. Eventually, I plan on sharing what natural products we use for her hair, but now... styles!

The Ms. M. River named this style after her teacher last year. One day at school her teacher did her hair and River became obsessed. The style consists of a quick and easy top knot and a front braid. The look isn't complete without a clip on the end of the braid. Seriously, she will not leave the house if there isn't a clip on that braid. ha This style probably takes the longest time out of all the styles, because River's curls need to be combed out a bit to get a decent top knot.

Two Flat Twists. This style is a cute way to pull her hair back from her face for a day or so. I've noticed River's hair looks better with a side part. Usually one twist is on the side and the other comes all the way around, ending on the opposite side, or it will go straight back in the middle like shown here. Both styles leave a good curl pattern after as well. I love how these star clips are large enough to pull her curls back, giving her a more defined end to her twists.

The 80's.  The style reminds me of a chic maintained 80's hairdo! I sure do love seeing her curls laying so nicely on her face, without obstructing her site. This look consists of just one flat twist on the side, and is super fast. 

 Here are a few others we adore from Hello Shiso; this one makes us hungry, these are just adorable, I want this necklace, and this one is perfect for the holidays.

We have a lot of friends that have daughters that won't let their mama's touch their hair. Are you one of those mamas? Does your little one let you have your way? Or is it a collaboration like we have?

This post was in partnership with Hello Shiso, but all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting my partners who I wholeheartedly believe in. 


posted on: Monday, October 27, 2014

Unwashed, sweaty, a faint smell of a baby's spit up, pants and shirts decorate my filthy rugs, forgotten iced coffees are left sitting in their dew. The illusion of balance is a lie, the idea of being complete and content in all corners of life is a lie. But we strive for this illusive life that has been portrayed by some, if not many. Our guilt of what has gone undone and what has been neglected grows, and our insecurity of who we are and why we are here grows as well.

Oak stirs in his sleep and cries the "mama come get me cry" and I in the middle of an intensive email tackling session, have to decide to hold off on work or to grab my baby and push through the work before something else mama related pops up. This, in that moment seems like the biggest decision of the day, and the most important. Splitting myself between work and being a mama, or attempting to juggle both positions at once, has become a daily decision. Yet with it, I am reminded that THIS is my only decision in my life as of right now. My problems, if you'd even dare to call them problems are puny ants in a room full of relentless cockroaches. They're invisible in a world full of so much hurt, pain, and struggling. And this, when I feel as though I want to complain or do the "why me?" song and dance, slams those thoughts down as they should.

 This week, my brother morns his childhood friend (who we all loved like family), who leaves babies... babies behind, and my entire family morns my grandmother-the epitome of beauty and faith, who passed away way too soon a few years back, surprising all of us. During weeks like these, in addition to feeling sort of dragged down by the state of the world, I am left wondering how we can do more? Why are our men, young men, leaving babies fatherless? It shouldn't be this way. 

The revolving door of freelance jobs for Peter, questions about a stable future, schools and childcare have nothing on what life could be for us, and what others face on a daily basis. We have our health, we have each other, we have the gift of opportunity, the potential for growth, and most importantly we are alive, we are here! For today and forever when I feel just a little bit overwhelmed, I will remember that, I hope you will too.

Modcloth x LaTonya Yvette| Fall Layering Tips

posted on: Thursday, October 23, 2014

Modcloth x LaTonya Yvette

When it comes to fall and my opinions on how to layer for it, my thoughts are simple;

- Combine stand alone layers-layers that when removed can stand out on their own. No one likes that feeling of an incomplete outfit when you get too warm and have to remove that sick jacket.

-Don't be afraid of color-I like a black leather and black denim combination just as much as the next person, but color in the fall is a total must. It's less predictable and will compliment the beautiful leaves and trees around you. 

-Layer with a camisole- if you are nursing a little one this fall like I am, the days of a bare belly whilst nursing are gone... gone. A well known trick that will keep you warm while nursing is wearing a camisole as your base layer. 

-Layer a scarf with your v-neck- whether you decide to pair your v-neck coat with a cashmere turtleneck like I did here, or you simply opt for a t-shirt, layer the look with a lightweight scarf. There is a very brief window where you can get away with a thin scarf in the fall. Before you know it, you'll need to whip out the real deal scarves. A light weight scarf with a v-neck coat, no matter which way you tie it, is an adorable accent to your neck and jaw line. Pull your hair up and throw on a red lip for extra points. 

Do you have any layering tips for the fall? I'd love to read them! 

Coat-Modcloth| Overalls-Zara| Cashmere Sweater- Zara| Scarf- Modcloth| Boots- Swedish Hasbeens| Sunnies- Warby Parker| Socks- Modcloth| Purse-Zara

This post was in partnership with Modcloth, but all opinions are my own.